For the Week of March 27  

Read:  Lessons from Afar: A year in South Sudan, by Mary Higbee

Chapter 5 - Inviting God to be with you in the challenges of your life so that you can soar on wings like eagles, as Isaiah 40:31 tells us.

Connect with Guest Speaker on Virtual Platform: March 30

Thon Bec Ater, will share his experiences as a student at Hope and Resurrection and now a teacher at the school.  His experiences give participants an opportunity to hear a unique point of view about God’s mercy and grace in making each school year possible in the unstable and poverty stricken country of South Sudan.

Engage: Guided Reflection and Discussion

Online with Participants in the USA - March 30 following the speaker,

          and/or follow your Group Coordinator's schedule and instructions for small group meetings.

LFA - Class 4.pptx

Class Handouts and Guided Reflection Questions

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