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Hope and Resurrection Secondary School (HRSS) follows the traditional school calendar, with the instructional year running from February through November. It offers a broad curriculum including subjects such as math, chemistry, English composition, history, geography, agriculture, business and religious studies with all instruction in English as well as after-school activities such as debate, drama and sports clubs.

Our school is led by South Sudanese professionals, Awut Mayom Agok, serving as a School Administrator, Robinson ODong as Education Directors, and Thon Bec as Assistant Education Director.   Our faculty is a team of professionals from South Sudan, many of whom graduated from HRSS and returned to the campus after finishing their continuing education programs.  Many of them leave their homes and families to teach and live at the school during the instructional year. They are dedicated and committed to helping their students become the country’s next generation of leaders. 

The curriculum and textbooks follow recommendations from the nation’s Ministry of Education. The school administrators and teachers manage and expand the curriculum as needed to cover the South Sudan National Secondary exam syllabus. Testing for this national exam takes place after completing the fourth and final year of secondary education. HRSS students are performing exceptionally well on this exam and are the top rated graduates in their country. Our graduates are becoming doctors, nurses, administrators, teachers, ministers, NGO directors of peace initiatives, criminal justice directors, and the strong leaders needed in South Sudan. 

Academic Tracks– Once the students enter their third year, they choose between two academic concentrations: arts and humanities or math and science. 

Extra-Curricular Programs - Activities such as debate club, peace club and drama give the students opportunity to work together. Sports are supported with both volleyball and soccer fields. The school's leadership oversees the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). 

Recruitment Process - The Lakes State Ministry of Education provides the Education Director with a list of incoming Senior One students. The registration process includes reviewing the Primary 8 leaving certificate, testing, and an oral interview. Uniforms are purchased and sold to the students at a reduced cost; each student is required to purchase a school uniform and wear it daily.  Reasonable school fees must be paid locally at the time of registration, although they are waived for needy orphans. The fees cover only a small percentage of the instructional expense, but produces a strong family commitment to education.

Lunch program - A daily school lunch of rice and beans is served by local cooking staff. Local food insecurity means that this is frequently their only daily meal. The lunch is critical in nourishing the growing minds and bodies of the students and allowing them to fully participate in class.

Hope for Humanity, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization with a mission to, "Equip South Sudan's Girls and Boys for Leadership through a Quality Education with a Christian Foundation."


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