For the Week of March 13   


1. Prior to March 16, read chapter 3 from Lessons from Afar: A year in South Sudan, by Mary Higbee

 Chapter 3 – Acknowledging the mindful practices that support your ideals and help you connect with God and others.   

2. Relate the chapters' themes to your life by reflecting on the following questions and journaling.

Recall a time when you left a place where you were comfortable to go somewhere much different? What lesson(s) did you learn from the experience?

3. Listen to guest speaker online - March 16  

Jim and Mary Higbee, Missionaries for the Episcopal Church, will speak about the theme of Chapter 3, Acknowledging the mindful practices that support your ideals and help you connect with God and others. From the Higbee's position serving in global missions, they will discuss their mindful practices that helped to support them in the mission field. They both have unique and vast experiences to offer participants on this theme.

Listen to guest speakers, Jim and Mary Higbee in our virtual classroom (Zoom) at 6 pm est on March 16


Access an online link available on and after March 17 to listen at your convenience.  

4. Connect and engage the chapter themes in guided reflections and discussions.

Connect with other participants in our virtual classroom (Zoom) for guided reflection and discussion. This meeting is hosted by Hope for Humanity, Inc; the meeting begins at 6:30 est following the guest speaker on March 16.


Connect with your small Group following your group coordinator's schedule and instructions for small group meetings.

For more information about Guided reflection work and discussion in the virtual classroom - Study Guide

LFA - Class 2.pptx

Guided Reflection Questions and Class Handouts

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