Thon Bec Ater

Thon Bec Ater, graduated the school’s top student in 2012; he continued his education after earning a four-year university scholarship. Thon is now a teacher and an Episcopal Priest.   

Thon learned peace and reconciliation methods by participating in the school debate club.  He shares these lessons with his students in the classroom and with children in the community. 

The Rev. Thon Bec, Priest and Teacher

Thon is now teaching Christian education (CRE) and biology at Hope and Resurrection Secondary School! 

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The Rev. Thon Bec teaching.

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The Rev. Thon Bec's thoughts about Christian Education

                       The Rev. Thon Bec speaks about mission lessons                 

A word of gratitude from Thon to the friends of Hope for Humanity, Inc. 

"As a graduate of Hope and Resurrection Secondary School, funded by Hope for Humanity, I really appreciate your many contributions to the needs of our people.  Some have already begun seeing the impact of the work you are all doing, and time itself will tell many more."

"For South Sudan to be a better country in the near future we must invest in children’s education, especially girl child education.  Educating women means better planned families, awareness of health, and a hope of greater ability for the next generation.  A woman with an income means a well-fed child."

Thon’s mother inspired his Peace and Gender Reconciliation Work

"When my father died in 2003, my siblings and I were left under the care of our mother.  She constantly gathered us for prayers.  My youngest sister Martha one day asked Mama, “ why do we pray always at home and not in a Church?”  In reply, she called all of us and told us that we are the Church and not the building which we use to go on Sunday.  I don't know how she knew this because she does not read and write. By the time I graduated from HRSS, I had come to the unanimous conviction that women are the best catalyst for change. This is a matter of fact. Women not only make a huge contribution to national income but also create reliable social safety nets for their families and communities. This is because they often invest their income in healthcare, education and housing for their families, something which I have been observing from my mother for the last 18 years of my youth."

As a strong supporter of girls’ education, Thon says:

"If we educate a girl, they can change the society.  Women discourage conflict. Women in government will be very important for the future of South Sudan.”

Hope for Humanity, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization with a mission to, "Equip South Sudan's Girls and Boys for Leadership through a Quality Education with a Christian Foundation."


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