Gabriel Ayau Maker is born to Paramount Chief Jacob Deet Aciek and Mother Akur Thuc. Gabriel was given the name Maker as his father not to let the name of Maker be forgot in the society.  Maker is the brother of Jacob Deet who died while unmarried.  For Maker's name to be remembered in the society, his brother (Gabriel's biological father), Jacob Deet married and named children to his brother. That is the culture of Muonyjieng (Dinka).

Gabriel Auau Maker's Education:

Gabriel began primary school in Tit-Agok Primary School in village called Tit-Agok in 2001.  The beginning standard curriculum is equivalent to nursery school.  In 2002, he passed to grade 1 and in 2003 skipped one class and jumped to grade 3.  In 2004, he was in grade 4 and passed it and again skipped one class and jumped to grade 6 as a student at Bar-Aliap Primary School. In 2006, he joined Ager-gum Primary School in Rumbek completing grades 7 and 8, and for national examination in Lakes State to qualify for secondary education.  Gabriel is a bright student and completed 8 primary grades in just 6 years.

In 2008, Gabriel started secondary school at Hope and Resurrection and graduated in 2011. In 2012, after finishing secondary studies, he was employed by BRAC INTERNATIONAL Organization as a community mobilizer in education sector. for one year before going to Juba for his university studies.

In 2014, Gabriel was awarded a scholarship from the government of South Sudan to study in Ethiopia for bachelor of science in chemical engineering.  He has graduated and is currently looking for a position in Juba. 

In his words:  "Thank you so much!"

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