Deng Nelson Mayom Agok

Deng Nelson Mayom Agok graduated from HRSS in 2011 and is studying Criminology and Security at Mount Kenya University.  Deng is expected to complete his program in 2021. 

In his words:

"Teachers are like candles as they consume themselves to light the way for others. Many thanks to our teachers, especially my former teacher Cleous Bwambale, and to Hope for Humanity, Inc. donors and leaders, especially our Founder, Jennifer Parker Ernst. Indeed the very day we joined Hope and Resurrection Secondary School, we had no idea about what our future would be because the road was too dark to see what was right ahead waiting us. But now our future is very bright and we are now aware of what we are doing. Thank you! Hope life 2008 was just the beginning and our story continues."

Hope for Humanity, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization with a mission to, "Equip South Sudan's Girls and Boys for Leadership through a Quality Education with a Christian Foundation."


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