Awut Mayom Agok

Awut Mayom Agok, (Deborah) is one of eleven graduates from our first class in 2011.  She continued her education after graduation by earning a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Finance degree at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa and at IESEG School of Management in Paris, France.   She now has a career as a secondary school administrator and serves her community and country as a role model and advocate locally and internationally.   

Awut serves as a strong leader and role model:

*  She is an advocate for peace and gender equality.  

Deborah Awut is a sought-out speaker internationally on gender equity and peace and reconciliation in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and the USA.  In 2019, Awut was an invited guest of the USA State Department.  She took part in a global conference in Washington DC, where politicians, government officials, political and NGO activists, community leaders, educators, scholars, and journalists discussed and collaborated on peace initiatives led by women in violent and war-torn countries. 

*  She serves as the first female Chairperson for RUMYA, a youth union that advocates for peace and justice in South Sudan.

Deborah spoke to HRSS students about her work as the first female Chairperson for RUMYA (youth union). In her own words, she encouraged each student to remember:

"That educating the girl child makes a difference for an entire community, and not only their relatives but the extended neighborhood. Every girl must believe that girls are equal to boys."

"To give thanks to the teachers and that this school is the stepping stone to reach the furthest end."

Deborah explains the symbolism in the Youth Union’s seal pictured to the right: 

"The Candle inside reflects the change we are in right now as compared to the past years; a Lady carrying the pot on her head is our great ancestor named Akon Buoi, she represents the hard working ability of all women, as you could see a can carry 30-50 kgs of weight on her head while standing and talking with one who is carrying no weight. The man holding his weapons is a symbol for protection to the society against any harm. The two holdings represent Unity that all of us."

*  She serves as the first female Secondary School Administrator in Lakes State, South Sudan. 

Deborah Awut was recognized as the first woman to hold the position of a secondary school administrator.  She was recognized for this role in South Sudan in 2019 on International Women's Day.  Click the link below to listen to the South Sudan Radio Broadcast honoring her achievement: 

Making Dreams Come True

In 2008, HRSS Student, Deborah Awut Speaks about her dream to help others when she becomes an educated woman.

In 2019, Deborah Awut visits the USA as an invited guest of the USA State Department. She is recognized as an influential female leader in the world.

Awut working with her female colleagues during a peace program in her community 

Awut working with African Union in USA

Awut working with two teachers at Hope and Resurrection Secondary School

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