Daniel Kaman Manyang graduated top of his class in 2016 and excelled on his National examination.  Daniel has received a university scholarship and is currently in his second year at Cadi Ayyad University majoring in Biomedical Sciences. 

He wrote these words to the Hope for Humanity, Inc. Board, his sponsor, and donors:

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and respect for you for your support, and also to announce to you that I got a scholarship. I am truly honored to have had the privilege of being part of the Hope and Resurrection School community. Hope and Resurrection School opened the doors of success for me; accessing my university education is one of them. I would not have got this chance if not for the quality education I attained from the school, sponsorship where my fees were paid for, and support in all forms that I had at school. No words will ever describe how grateful I feel.  You are highly appreciated. 

I was able to win a scholarship for the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI). I am currently in my second year at Cadi Ayyad University majoring in Biomedical Sciences. On my arrival here in Morocco, I had to first study the French language course for 5 months before I joined university since it is the medium of instruction here. It was not easy for me at the start to cope up with the new environment and being in a modern city…almost everything was a challenge to me.  Learning the new language and support from friends have always been so helpful to me.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you on behalf of my family for always being there for me at all times. While at school, I was sponsored right till I finished my senior four (S.4), this relieved my parents of the burden of having to pay my fees again and also encouraged me to stay in school. Thanks a million to my sponsor, my godmother, who also sent me many continuous letters of encouragement. In one of her letters to me on 23rd August 2014, she wrote, “whatever you learn can never be taken away from you.” This installed a burning desire in me to learn more and more. Every time I re-read the letters she sent me back at school, I feel guilty because I have not been able to write to her again since 2015. It will mean everything to me if you could provide me with her email or contact info so that I can thank her and let her know of my progress here at the university.

I was also once paid ticket fees from Rumbek to Juba to go and process my secondary school certificate from the Ministry of Education. Honestly, this was not the school’s responsibility, but to my surprise, I had the support. Thanks to you Mrs. Suzanne Hicks, what would I have done without you?

People like you who understand the problems of others and help them in times of need do not only get respect but also HAPPINESS in life. My unending thanks to the entire board of Hope for Humanity for their support not only to me but to the country as a whole. I know the only hope for a country as South Sudan lies in the proper education of its youth. Although our country looks like an absolute mess right now, I am confident that the future will be bright because we will grow up, and we will be the future. May God bless and grant you the wisdom to continue doing the great work.

With this wonderful education, it will be my pleasure to help extend the benefits of education to others as well as pushing my fellow youth to be better versions of themselves.

My good wishes, pride in your work, and prayers for your health go with you this year and always!


With Gratitude,

Daniel Kaman

Hope for Humanity, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization with a mission to, "Equip South Sudan's Girls and Boys for Leadership through a Quality Education with a Christian Foundation."


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