Dr. China Paul Mayol, MD


China Paul Mayol, the oldest of five children has set a great example for his younger siblings.

China was Hope and Resurrection's 2013 valedictorian and the highest scoring student on the national exam in the entire nation of South Sudan. Through perseverance and the support of friends, he studied medicine at Kampala International University in Uganda and became a medical doctor in 2022.  His academic performance is but one of China’s successes. He is also a light in the world for the many whom he serves in the mission field and church. His prayer for HRSS is that all of us (alumni in South Sudan and the gracious donors in the USA) do not forget, but keep in our hearts the same spirit to support education through HRSS into the future.

China has journeyed from living in a tukul, to learning and growing at Hope and Resurrection, to studying and practicing medicine.

Dr. China Paul Mayol, MD says the foundation he received at Hope and Resurrection Secondary School enabled him to study medicine at KIU.

China Speaks on Gender Inequality in His Village

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