Making An Impact

The organization began when Jennifer Ernst, our founder, was called to mission work after God sent Maker Mabor Marial, a “Lost Boy of Sudan,” into her life.

In 2004, Hope for Humanity, Inc. was founded and is committed to the idea that education is the best way to help the southern Sudan to grow and become self- supporting.

In 2005, the vision for a secondary school was born during a visit to southern Sudan, before the nation of South Sudan was officially recognized as a country.

In 2007, classroom buildings, a latrine, and a cook shed were completed.

In 2008, Hope and Resurrection Secondary School opens with 64 students and four teachers.

In 2010, an open air pavilion for school assemblies was built.

In 2011, featuring 11 graduates  4 girls and 7 boys   the first graduation ceremony takes place while students also celebrate the foundation of their new independent country, South Sudan.

In 2012, 24 students graduate.

In 2013, a girls’ dorm is built, allowing girls to live safely on campus, and 22 students graduate.

In 2014, more than 190 students, 84 of whom are girls, complete the school year and 74 girls live on campus in the dorms. There are 7 female and 16 male graduates.

In 2015, enrollment reaches 231 students, 93 of whom are girls, and the staff features 12 university-trained teachers. The girls’ dorm is at full capacity with 84 girls living on campus. Hope and Resurrection Secondary School celebrates its fifth graduation. 27 students  14 girls and 13 boys  are nationally recognized high school graduates. And, Hope for Humanity’s operational leadership begins transition from its sole founder to a team of many directors.

In 2016, Hope and Resurrection School opens for the ninth year! Our 12 university-trained teachers from Uganda safely arrived at the school early this year and began working with our South Sudanese Headmaster, Anthony Mading Wal, to educate a grand total of 249 students (100 girls and 149 boys).

Now after eight years of successful education, Hope and Resurrection school has over 100 nationally recognized high school graduates.  Our alumni are become doctors, nurses, teachers, ministers, business administrators, peace advocates, and the strong leaders needed in South Sudan.

Hope for Humanity, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization with a mission to, "Equip South Sudan's Girls and Boys for Leadership through a Quality Education with a Christian Foundation."


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