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Classroom learning has returned to Hope and Resurrection Secondary School in Atiaba, South Sudan

In September we reported that The Republic of South Sudan made the announcement that the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education are working together to give directives to open schools in South Sudan. The Hope for Humanity, Inc. Board of Directors, The Executive Director, Suzanne Hicks, and the Hope and Resurrection Secondary School administrator, Awut Mayom Agok and principal, Anthony Mading, having received the directives are happy to report that classroom learning at Hope and Resurrection Secondary School has returned once again!  The S4 class has returned and instructions began in October under the good academic leadership of Principal Anthony Mading.  

Gender Equity

Co-education helps to shape gender equity in South Sudan's future leaders.

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Peace & Justice

South Sudanese and their friends inside and outside the country must work together for peace and stability. 

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Quality Education

Equipping South Sudan's girls and boys for leadership through quality education with a Christian foundation. 

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